An Obvious Obama Omission

I got up early this morning to hear President Obama’s environmental news conference and was gratified by what I heard and disappointed by what I didn’t.

Promoting GREEN jobs – check
Increasing the CAFE (mileage) requirements for autos in 2011 – check
Revisit Bush EPA denial of tailpipe emissions waiver for California – check
Doubling green energy production in three years – check
Weaning us from dependence on foreign oil – check
No additional offshore oil drilling – M.I.A.

Have no doubt – Offshore Oil drilling is still on the table.

Listening to Rachel Maddow last week on MSNBC, she interviewed actor/environmentalist Robert Redford on the stopping of oil drilling on Federal lands in Utah and other sensitive areas. Of course, he praised this, as was to be expected. She then asked him about the proposal for additional offshore oil drilling – and this really surprised me – he dodged the question (looking very uncomfortable) and refused to take a stand, saying he wanted to see what the Environmental Impact Reports showed.

What this tells me, is that if someone as closely identified with the environmental movement as Robert Redford was willing to even remotely consider drilling the urgency to let Washington know “NO DRILLING, PERIOD” is now more critical than ever.


Docket ID: MMS-2008-OMM-0045

In addition, the newscast last Friday night (1/23) on KMUD devoted a portion of the broadcast to this issue and got it mostly right (minor quibbles). It is accessible on the Mud’s archives for those who missed it.


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